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Miami Locksmith Store Miami, FL 305-507-0144Miami is one of the most famous tourist locations in not just the United States but around the world as well. People come from very far to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle of this warm paradise in large numbers. It is home to a lot of small shops and hotels and restaurants built in close design with personal houses. If you live in Miami or just happen to come here for exploration purposes, then you need to have a strict security system in place to restrict unauthorized people from getting into your house. If you are looking to install locks and security arrangements in your home or are in search for a locksmith in Miami Gardens,then Miami Locksmith Store is what you are looking for. We are one of the best locksmiths in Miami Lakes and also the best locksmiths in Midtown Miami 50 and have been around the area for around a decade now. There is a 24-hour helpline number at 305-507-0144 which allows anyone to avail our lighting quick services and hire locksmiths in South Miami FL 33143 at any point of the day.

It doesn’t matter if you are a home owner or business owner or anyone looking to repair their locks or security arrangement, we cover everything and give the best quality service you can imagine.

About Us

Locksmithing is a very old craft and has been changing ever since, growing and adapting according to the world around it. Gone are the days of plain locks which can be opened by keys, today locks can be opened using your fingerprint, voice, heartbeat and a lot more to make sure that only you can open it and nobody else.

There was a tough competition among locksmiths when we first opened shop around a decade ago. Old padlocks were still in fashion and there was always someone who had a problem regarding their locks. Not a lot of those locksmiths still operate now and have vanished due to lack of work and unskilled workers. Miami Locksmith Store is still going strong because of its dedicated employees and expert locksmiths in Miami Gardens who have the experience of working with various different kinds of locks and other security equipment. We aim to provide the best quality service that we can in the cheapest of prices in the market. Our experts are highly professional and can come to your location in about half an hour only so that your problem is solved quickly, and you can continue with your work as soon as possible. We provide professional training to all of our locksmiths so that they can improve their skills and become familiar with different kinds of locks as well.

We Are Open 24 Hours

The best feature that we provide our customers is our ability to reach your location at any time of the day and provide our services to those in need. To become the best locksmith in South Miami FL 33143 we had to make sure that we are not like those companies which provides service only during the 9 to 5 timing. That’s why we are available 24/7 in the region.

Highly Skilled and Professional Team

Since we are a service delivery-based company, all of our reputation depends on how well our locksmith work your problems and how efficiently do they provide the solution. The locksmiths that we hire all go through a tough screening process which shortlists only the best of the best locksmiths in Miami Lakes. We then train these locksmiths further in professional and soft skills so that they can cope up with any kind of emergency situation and are confident enough to calm someone down in case they are panicking. All of the satisfied customers that we have can testify for the professionalism and promptness of our locksmiths.

Our Services

Residential Locksmith Services

One of the most common calls we get for locksmiths in Miami Gardens is from people who have locked themselves out of their own homes and have lost the key or broken it completely. It is a pretty common request but needs to be taken care of nonetheless because it can lead to people panicking and taking rash decisions like breaking a window to enter in. We provide locksmiths even in the edge of night so that you don’t feel scared and don’t have to wait an awful amount of time for someone to come and open the door for you. Apart from the common lockout calls, the services that we provide are:

  • Making spare as well as duplicate keys
  • Rekeying of locks
  • Installing locks on Garage doors and mailboxes
  • Video surveillance and other security arrangement
  • Deadbolt installation in doors and windows
  • Door locks installation
  • Eviction services
  • Installing a new home security system
  • Replacement and repairing of locks

Commercial Locksmith Services

Offices and commercial spaces require a different kind of lock than those present in our homes. They need to be more sophisticated and fool proof so that no one can just break into your office without proper authorization. Not only is this important for your company but is necessary for the safety of your employees and the safe keeping of your customers data as well. Miami Locksmith Store provides loads of different options when it comes to locks and security ranging from fingerprint locks, combination locks, biometric scanners and lot more.

Some of the services we provide to our clients are:

  • Installing modern locks like fingerprint locks, biometric locks, combination locks and more
  • 24/7 emergency lockout services
  • Locks on file cabinets and lockers of employees
  • Installing new door locks and repairing old ones
  • Making duplicate keys
  • Rekeying of locks
  • Reprogramming digital keys
  • Panic locks and panic bars installation
  • Mailbox lock installation
  • Security grilles and door hardware
  • Installing a high-security lock system

Automotive Locksmith Services:

Miami is a land of tourists and people come here all year long to roam and bask in the beauty of the place. Some people hire cars and other vehicles to make the commute easy but what to do when you get locked out of the car with no knowledge of the neighboring surrounding. Don’t worry, you just call 305-507-0144 to get the best locksmith in Midtown Miami 50 and we’ll take care of all your issues. Our locksmiths are available round the clock at your service and will reach your location as quickly as possible.

Some of the other services which we offer are:

  • Emergency lockout services
  • Taking out broken keys from the ignition
  • Car key cutting
  • Making of duplicate and spare keys
  • Ignition switch replacement or repairing
  • Reprogramming transponder keys
  • Unlocking trunk or car doors

Emergency locksmith services:

You can encounter a lock related problem at any point of the day, and it isn’t necessary that a shop will be open and near your location as well when that happens. That is why we work in a flexible timing with the best locksmiths in Midtown Miami 50 waiting in standby to serve those who need immediate help. We take emergency to a whole new level and can reach your location, wherever it might be, in just half an hour with a fully equipped van so that the locksmith can solve the issue right there itself. Not only does it save your time but also provides us with an opportunity to serve more people throughout the day. Our helpline number is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year for your help. We never take a holiday, not even on thanksgiving because we can relate how stressful these situations can be.

We Provide Lock & Key in the following zip codes.

33101, 33102, 33106, 33107, 33110, 33111, 33112, 33116, 33121, 33122, 33124, 33125, 33126, 33127, 33128, 33129, 33130, 33131, 33132, 33133, 33134, 33135, 33136, 33137, 33138, 33142, 33143, 33144, 33145, 33146, 33147, 33148, 33150, 33151, 33152, 33153, 33155, 33156, 33157, 33158, 33159, 33161, 33162, 33163, 33164, 33165, 33166, 33167, 33168, 33169, 33170, 33172, 33173, 33174, 33175, 33176, 33177, 33178, 33179, 33180, 33181, 33182, 33183, 33184, 33185, 33186, 33187, 33188, 33189, 33190, 33193, 33194, 33195, 33196, 33197, 33199, 33206, 33222, 33231, 33233, 33234, 33238, 33242, 33243, 33245, 33247, 33255, 33256, 33257, 33261, 33265, 33266, 33269, 33280, 33283, 33296, 33299, 33010, 33011, 33012, 33013, 33014, 33015, 33016, 33017, 33018, 33054, 33055, 33109, 33114, 33119, 33139, 33140, 33141, 33149, 33154, 33160, 33239